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Innovation, technical expertise and an aligned industrial park to new market challenges

Linoplast has knowledge and experience in manufacturing high quality products. We are committed to providing innovative and quality products for different types of companies and individuals. The market is always changing, so it is essential that we always keep up to date.


Our story

A brief summary of the formation of our composition.


Our Foundation

Our Foundation Our mission is to provide high quality products and technology to our customers. We stand for innovation and technological specialization. Since our foundation, this has been the foundation of our company.


Great Partnerships

Successful alliances are our focus. As of 2004, we started closing our main suppliers and customers. We are no longer just “makers” of parts. We structured our chain for more consistent production.


Big changes

Seeking differentiation and an increase in our production levels, 2017 was the base year for the construction of our new unit, covering our entire physical structure of logistics, engineering and injection.


The Innovation

Linoplast is constantly innovating. Since 2019, we have invested a large part of our intellectual, financial and practical effort capital in disruptive innovation projects within our production chain.


About Linoplast

Inaugurated in 1995, Linoplast has been standing out for almost two decades in the market, industrializing and commercializing plastic products for various industrial sectors.

Located in Limeira, in the state of São Paulo, the company has injection molding machines from 86 tons to 530 tons and its own tooling, which allows customers to develop customized products, in addition to preventive and corrective maintenance of the tooling. In addition, with the aim of reducing environmental impacts, the company has an internal infrastructure that enables the recycling and reuse of most of the plastic waste generated.

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