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Importance of research and development of new thermoplastic products.

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Searching for innovation, regardless of the segment, is a clear demonstration of the will to overcome limits and evolve as a company, aiming to deliver to customers the best we have to offer.

This practice is taken very seriously by us at Linoplast who, through Research and Development, have reached new levels of quality, agility and service.

Faced with an increasingly competitive global market, companies have focused part of their efforts on the rapid and effective development of new products to meet the demands and remain competitive. In the injected components sector, in general, a company is responsible for creating the product/component; another, by the injection mold; and another, for the manufacture of components. Even in cases where these processes are carried out in the same company, different departments are normally responsible for the activities.

The injection mold, in the process of development of injected components, is a complex and expensive system, and of great importance for obtaining quality components. However, it is carried out by different people in a fragmented way, potentiating several problems, such as rework, increased costs and development times.

In this context, this work comprehensively addresses the systematization of the integrated development process of thermoplastic injection molds, considering concepts of project methodology, project management and simultaneous engineering. This systematization aims to support the activities of the team that will be involved in the development of the injection mold, through a reference model that structures the processes, their inputs, activities, outputs, methods, support tools and that specifies the relationships between such elements. .

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