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Um time de especialistas está pronto para realizar o seu atendimento de forma eficiente e mostrar as melhores soluções para o seu projeto. Com o custo-benefício perfeito para o seu negócio, aliado à agilidade, escalabilidade e qualidade de terceirização em injeção termoplástica.



Here at Linoplast the products are manufactured with the highest quality materials and manufactured with the most advanced techniques on the market. We are proud of everything we produce, from creation to execution, using our technical capacity to meet the demand of our customers.


Linoplast has deep knowledge of the best in the field. We use this
experience to provide innovative, reliable and quality products to companies that need to outsource their services to us.



Through our technical capacity, it will be possible to scale your productivity, maintaining quality, without having to make high investments in structure. Because, the combination of our market experience, specialized team and robust structure, will contribute to leverage the growth of your business.

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